Twitter Reacts: Tesco and Booker merger

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Tesco provoked widespread shock this morning by swooping in to acquire listed wholesaler Booker for £3.7bn.

The aim of the deal is to “delight consumers with better availability of quality food at attractive prices across retail and eating out locations”. But was the Twitter reaction equally positive? The Grocer rounds up the latest tweets from retailers, rivals, industry bodies and experts:

Trending on twitter #booker !! Who would have thought it !! Hi @Tesco guess we will be getting know you more ;) @BookerWholesale #bigday

— Dan@WhitstoneStores (@whitstonestores) January 27, 2017

Any Independent retailers out there this morning looking for a new wholesaler that is committied to supporting independents? Give us a call!

— JW Filshill (@JWFilshill) January 27, 2017

Change is not always bad thing! But one thing some of these suppliers who take liberties, will be smarting this morning #LookForwardToFuture

— Jatinder Sahota (@TindaSahota) January 27, 2017

Perhaps they can call it the Big Food Group. Oh…

— Bryan Roberts (@BryanRoberts72) January 27, 2017

Bankers! Save yourself hours of tedium in late-night drafting meetings by making me an offer for this.

— Keith Hann (@keithhann) January 27, 2017

Good chat with Steve Fox,Booker/Tesco merger is great news for independents, better access to banking/payment services/products and prices

— Paul Baxter (@PaulBaxterNFRN) January 27, 2017

With #CharlesWilson remaining at the helm of #Booker , retailers will be in safe hands as we navigate #Tesco waters. Exciting times.

— Samantha Coldbeck (@samcoldbeck) January 27, 2017

Will we all become #tesco locals with extortionate prices ? @MyLocalPremier @BookerWholesale let’s hope not !

— PREMIER PARKRD STORE (@parkrdstores) January 27, 2017

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