Aluminium cans provide an immediate recycling solution

aluminium canned

Sir, Your article makes some valid points, not least the possible dangers of rushing into ill-thought policy. However, this must not stop retailers and manufacturers seeking alternatives.

All industries need to think about moving away from the old “cheap to produce and hard to recycle” approach to more sustainable materials with true circularity in mind. Luckily an alternative is already here and making a real difference to on-the-go beverage consumption. The aluminium beverage can is the world’s most recycled drinks container, with a 72% recycling rate in the UK in 2017. Aluminium cans have a high intrinsic value, making financial sense for it to be recycled; in fact, over 90% of aluminium cans collected in the UK are recycled within the UK or Continental Europe, and they can be back on shelf in as little as eight weeks.

Whilst brands and retailers are seeking solutions over the coming decades, our solution is already available right now.

Marcel Arsand, chairman, The Can Makers

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