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More than one in four Brits have gone free-from. Why? 

A year ago 19% of Brits told us they’d gone free-from. Now 27% say they are. Why are so many dodging gluten, lactose and other allergens?

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Coco loco: Coconut steals the show in our global innovations

Coconut brownies, coconut with sauerkraut and coconut spread – this trendy ingredient is a key player in our top 10 global innovations

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Infographic: Nuts on course to take free-from milk top spot

As Brits go nuts for coconut, nut milks are challenging soya to become the number one milk alternative

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Revealed: How the baked free-from sector is sliced

Bread dominates the free-from baked goods sector, so where are the big growth opportunities?

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Raw sales power: Paleo packs a punch in free-from aisles

Retailers could be missing a trick in the free-from aisles when it comes to raw, paleo-friendly products

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Gluten-free NPD: Our top picks from the past year

Big brands are eyeing the free-from market for growth, with major players venturing into gluten-free over the past year. Here’s some of our top picks…

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Brewers eye gluten-free market for growth

Could gluten-free beer be the next big thing? Tennent’s and Carlsberg venturing into the arena shows there’s potential

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Free-from brands trusted to avoid contamination

Brits trust brands over own label when it comes to keeping the likes of gluten and lactose out of free-from products

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Clean eating for dogs sweeps the petcare category

Britain’s pets are going grain-free thanks to brands such as Forthglade, which launched a campaign called Clean Eating for Dogs fronted by the Houndsley Brothers

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Infographic: Which retailers have the biggest slice of free-from?

We’ve teamed up with Kantar to show which retailers are making the most of free from. So who’s growing fastest?

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