Revealed: A new twist on snack sharing formats!

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What’s next in the world of sharing bags? We tasked creative agency Hornall Anderson to reinvent the sharing bag with an innovative new format. Here’s what they came up with…

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Brits have scoffed 5% more sharing bags of crisps over the past year [Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 29 January 2017]. Whether these were actually shared or not remains unknown, but it raises the question: what’s the next big thing in sharing snacks? After all, besides a Pringles tube or giant bag of crisps, there’s little innovation in the market. 

We tasked creative agency Hornall Anderson to find sharing’s hottest new format. Here’s what they came up with:


Twistd 1

Pringles may have popularised the tube format for snacks, but Twistd perfects it. And unlike Pringles, which ‘once you pop you can’t stop’, Twistd provides clear portion control.

“Innovation in sharing bags is quite limited: it’s just one big bag that everyone dives into so there’s no portion control,” says Gareth Ball, design director for Hornall Anderson. “Twistd offers portion control by separating the snacks into individual compartments as well as different flavours.”

Twistd 2

This funky multi-compartment tube allows consumers to combine mixed up snacks and interesting flavours in a unique, quirky combo. Each one of the four compartments holds a mix of lightly salted crisps, tortillas, snacks and sweet potato chips.

Consumers simply twist and shake the lid to add as much or as little seasoning as they like with four unusual flavours: Sea Salt & Seaweed; BBQ & Honey; Chilli & Chocolate; and Cheddar & Stilton. “We really wanted to mix things up with fun characters for each flavour, for example the hipster fisherman for Sea Salt & Seaweed, and the cowgirl for BBQ & Honey,” Ball adds.

twistd 4

These illustrations play a key part in making Twistd stand out on shelf and catching the eye of its core demographic. “The branding is clean and contemporary,” notes Ball. “We’re really targeting millennial men who are into craft beer. They’re open to trying new things and new flavours, which you can see as they explore the craft beer world as well.”

And with that, there’s the opportunity for expansion with the shakers sold separately, or featuring limited-edition seasonal flavours alongside the introduction of new characters.

twistd 5

“It’s a really interactive format so would be great for social gatherings or a big night in when you’ve got a group of people together, rather than just one person sat there mindlessly picking up and scoffing a big bag of crisps by themselves,” he says.

Twistd would also be supported by out-of-home marketing and #getTwistd, providing ample opportunity to engage consumers away from the shelves. The ads would spin, in the same way the cans do, creating funny combinations such as a gruff fisherman’s head with a cowgirl’s busty body. You can’t get more Twistd than that.

twistd 3

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