Sainsbury's goes all in on Valentine's Day

Sainsbury’s is urging its customers to ‘go all in’ on the flowers-and-chocs-fest this year.

Happily though, its ad, in which we meet three romancers, stints on the saccharine. One woman concocts a fancy meal for her paramedic gal pal, who’s just finishing a shift; a young lad assembles a snacktacular, rose petal-strewn spread for his girl; and a couple of oldies showcase Sainsbo’s gift lineup.

The supermarket’s black-and-white footage overlaid with colourful pics and letters still feels fresh, and looks distinctive, now instantly calling the brand to viewers’ minds.

Everything seems to happen so quickly here - after watching it’s a little tricky to bring specific products to mind - but then that’s love for you.

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