Sainsbury's revamps food-to-go range to include 21 new products

Sainsburys On the Go Asian Buns v2

Sainsbury’s On the Go Asian Buns

Sainsbury’s has revamped its food-to-go range to include 21 new products such as Asian buns, gluten-free sandwiches and vegan options.

A choice of three Asian buns - char sui pork, bulgogi beef and honey & soy chicken - hit the shelves this week at a price of £2.70 each.

Sainsbury’s also launched its first vegan option in the form of an avocado, tomato & basil sandwich on malted bread.

As part of its focus on free-from options, it will now offer bacon, lettuce & tomato and cheese ploughman’s sandwiches on gluten-free seeded bread.

Prices for the new range start at £1 for a trio of olives and go up to £3.50 for a crayfish & mango salad.

The changes mark part of Sainsbury’s ongoing strategy to boost its free-from and on-the-go offerings.

In September, the supermarket risked the ire of consumers by revamping its food-to-go section and excluding Taste the Difference sandwiches from its longstanding £3 food-to-go meal deal, instead championing its new On the Go by Sainsbury’s brand.

Responding to the social media backlash, Sainsbury’s said it had spent “millions” on improving the quality, choice and value of its food-to-go range.

And consumers seem to have forgotten the furore, as Sainsbury’s reported its food-to-go division had increased sales and market share in its annual report last week.

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